There was a 12-year wait for the next World Cup after the 1938 tournament due to World War II, and a substantial advance in the production of balls was the result.
In actual fact, though, the big breakthrough for the 1950 tournament had been made in Argentina back in the early 1930s and was simply waiting to be cleared for WadeMarin manchester united drakt barn AurelioSp use at a FIFA competition.
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This ball had been used in the Argentine leagues for several years and was called the 'Superval', later changed to 'Superball' when the company behind it psg tröja had branched out into Brazil.
The innovation was the elimination of the need for skilled inflation experts by creating a completely closed leather sphere without laces. The balls were inflated WadeMarin manchester united drakt barn AurelioSp with a pump and needle through a tiny valve - similar to those still used to this day.
The Superball model used at the World Cup in 1950 was the Duplo T and the consistency with which it could be inflated meant that it was the first model to be used uniformly across all matches at a single tournament.