Ensuring a Better Tomorrow for Artisans


Nabanna has been initiated by SAMT to provide a “better tomorrow” for Handicraft Artisans. It is a melting pot of Craft Demonstrations, Cultural Programs, Seminars, Workshops and other welfare activities set in the ambience of a village mela.

This 10-day multifaceted program is being held at Geetanjali Cultural Complex, Santiniketan since 2006, aiming to promote Bengal’s traditional heritage in handicrafts. With over 200 participating artisans, it has become one of the most popular cultural events of Santiniketan.  It is the focus of the Trust to make Nabanna a destination fair like the Poush Mela.
Since 2006, an annual handicraft exhibition (NABANNA) is organized by the Trust at Geetanjali Cultural Complex, Santinketan.
A calendar of Nabanna since its inception is as follows.
2006:    22nd January to 31st January
2007:    01st March to 07th March
2008:    15th March to 23rd March
2009:    07th March to 15th March
2010:    26th February to 07th March
2011:    22nd January to 31st January
2012:    16th March to 25th March
2013:    23rd March to 01st April
2014:    18th January to 27th January
2015:    28th February to 9th March
2016:    19th March to 28th March
2017:    04th March to 14th March
2018:    24th February to 05th March
2019:    16th March to 25th March
Starting with 60 artisans in 2006 the number of participating artisans has become more than 200 in 2018. 
The Trust facilitates the showcasing of handicraft products in exhibitions conducted by other organizations. These are:
  • Industrial India Trade Fair organized by Bengal National Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Kolkata in 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009.
  • West Bengal Handicraft Exhibition organized by Dept. of Small Scale Industries, Govt. of WB at Kolkata in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010.

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